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You feel like the rope that gets used in a game of tug o' war... being pulled this way and that way -- feeling torn between each side... Have you found yourself evolving and standing in this place where you KNOW your business is bigger than yourself?!?! Have you ever felt like you were meant to do MORE!?

Maybe you're ready to take more risks... Maybe you're ready to jump out of the box of indecision... and that's because deep down you know that staying stuck and feeling forced to make a decision between one or the other just... does... not... feel... right.

You ARE meant for more... and all of those things you've been taught to choose between are the very unique things that set you apart from the rest... they're the very things that make the risk worth it.

So throw down the rope and stop feeling pulled in every direction... these things that you love are the very things you need to lean in to. You my friend are multi-passionate and you are not alone. 

You deserve the freedom to be fulfilled doing exactly what you love...
not just one of the things you love.

Does this sound like you?

>> Leverage all of that hard work you’ve been investing...
>> Lean in to multiple streams of income....
>> Maximize your leadership platform...
>> Find fulfillment in more than one thing...
>> Create brand authority...
>> Brainstorm solutions and ideas with other like-minded creatives

Imagine if you could...

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A carefully crafted mastermind created just for people like YOU... The multi-passionate creatives. Leverage + Lead is the ultimate safe place catered to helping multi-passionates overcome specific road blocks that big dreamers and over-achievers stumble across.

leverage + lead


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you know... the good stuff!

Here's what's included

6 month mastermind program

exclusive online community

6 month pop up group coaching calls

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Learn more about...

Experience the powerful energy that comes with sitting in a virtual room with other like-minded creatives

2 hours of intense hot seats each month for 6 months

th mastermind

Lay the foundation for your creative future

Develop relationships that will foster and accelerate your growth throughout the mastermind

Online Community

Content deliverables if needed

Accountability and support

the community

Weekly heart check ins


Brainstorm solutions and ideas

Accountability and support

$297 per month

oh yes!

This is exactly what I need!



terms + conditions

Individual hot seats

1 hour virtual pop up calls for specific needs

pop up coaching

Guest Speakers

Facilitated Coaching on content/goals


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the Facilitators


These coaches are sure to fill your notebooks with actionable takeaways and leave you feeling inspired and motivated to leverage and lead. You aren't looking for just content - you're looking for more!





community building, leveraging
and overcoming limiting beliefs

brand messaging, leading a team and creating systems for success

You want to take your business to the next level, but something is holding you back. You need a coach with the heart of a friend... who can sit down—dive deep into your business and point out what is working and what isn't. You need real, honest feedback without the sugar... a little tough love wrapped in a big awkward hug. I help creatives like you define brand messaging and create systems that'll ensure the things you're working on are going to move the needle forward in your business AND be in alignment with your heart's mission...I'll also throw in a little bit of team building, outsourcing, and self-discovery with the ultimate goal of getting you to show up on purpose... with purpose... 


I help creative dreamers who want to become industry leaders build powerful communities around their brand so that they become the go-to expert in their field. Unlike many who focus on social media strategy, we build communities using three methods that include growing unique leadership skills, building a social ecosystem, and setting boundaries that leverage authority.


Breaking Joy PodcasT
business + Branding coach
Founder of Dear Me CommuniTy
vegan beauty
private Photo editor

James Wedmore Coach 
Community & Leadership Specialist
Founder of Shine the Light Society 
Messy Success Podcast
founder of Community growth lab

whaT i do

whaT i do

I'm simple really; I am a mother to two beautiful twin girls... a wife to an amazing husband who loves and supports my passions. I have two fur babies!!! OHHHH and by the way, I am a HUGE dog lover! hehe I can literally spot a dog a mile away—not really but you get the picture? So if your wedding has a doggy best believe I'm going to be in heaven!!  
I think to understand why I'm passionate about photography... about love—you need to hear about my story... my 'simple' love story.  
In 2012 I married my best friend; he has been there for me through everything. We've known each other since Middle School, never anything more than friends. I remember the first time I truly noticed him. We were in our Wednesday night church group playing dodgeball when he launched a ball directly towards my head... I was on the sidelines - so either he has really good aim or really bad aim... After knocking me down—he ran over asking me if I was okay. The entire night he stayed by my side to be sure. 
Did I mention that he gave me a concussion.... Yeh... he did. But it was that night that I fell in love with him. How many people can say that they fell in love after their now husband gave them a concussion?  
As life would have it—we headed down different paths for a while. But like most happily ever afters—we soon found each other again and have been inseparable ever since.  

I remember our wedding day; it was raining cats and dogs! We had to finish up all the final touches for our OUTSIDE wedding and I was so nerve wrecked and worried about the rain and if it was going to be perfect. If it was even going to happen! I remember stressing so much I was so nauseous - in true bride's fashion.... But on July 21st 2012, in the rain, and despite the thunder—we got married outside and it was perfect, because I was marrying the man of my dreams; the man who put me above all, the man who spoiled me to no end; who did anything in the world for me. I was marrying my true best friend! 

I remember walking down the aisle with my father on my arm and just looking at the man I was going to marry! Nothing else mattered; not the rain, not the stress or worry. That feeling; that moment; his smile; his tears; that is what I love most about weddings—it's what I loved most about my own! I love seeing the groom's reaction... for me that moment took away all the worry and all the nerves.... just by seeing him.  
And after four years of waiting.. God opened our hearts even more to two little angels.. Amelia and Elizabeth.. That story is a totally different story in itself but after having them all I have ever wanted to do is take pictures, freeze their smiles, freeze their moments and that's what I want to do for weddings! Lifes' moments go by so quickly—and some we don't even notice, but having captured those memories forever makes me love photography even more!!  
I am apart a BEAUTIFUL team.. these girls (and photo booth guy hehe) are like family to me!! We have a great time.. we laugh.. we play.. we capture your wedding how its ment to be.. we love our job - because in all honesty it's not really a job when you have fun doing it! ?? I cannot wait to capture your love story!!!!





Hiiiiii! Darian here! I am a lover of the simple things....neighborhood walks, good conversation, sunshine, a phone call with my Momma, Friday dinner plans with great friends, and Sunday snuggles. I am a lover of these simple moments that do not seem significant until they have passed. That is why I am so passionate about photography. It's not about the pictures, it's the moments. I desire to capture and create these moments so that they can last MORE than a lifetime.  
When I am not behind my camera, I am a full-time special education teacher to the best kiddos.

 I spend my down-time near the water (ocean, river, lake, you name it) with my high school sweetheart and our two rescue pups. I am extremely family oriented and would do absolutely anything for my family and friends. I'm a sucker for a good rom-com, a great thrift store find, and fresh flowers.  
I'm a dreamer, a BIG dreamer. & I'm so excited for the plans He has for me :)


Shooting assistant

Hellooooo! My name is Katie. I am a simple, compassionate goofball who values God, family, and making fun of myself. I am an art therapist by profession but have always had a hobby and passion for photography. Art is something that has been with me since childhood, and I believe I have always looked at the world a little differently. I find it therapeutic and natural being behind a camera. It challenges me to seek out the "extra" in the "ordinary" and keeps me reminded and thankful of God's love. My main goal is making a difference doing what I love alongside a team with the same values, and I know that is what the SEP team does every day. 
Coming from a bride's perspective, I can tell you first hand that this team ROCKS! Let me give a little back story... 

Once upon a time I met this stud who I'd later be blessed to call my husband. We stumbled across SEP while planning our wedding and immediately fell in love with the team. The unwelcome rain and pending hurricane on our special day didn't even faze this crew! This team is made up of a group of professional yet refreshingly light-hearted and down-to-earth individuals that truly love what they do and make every effort to capture timeless moments of your special day. 
My faith and spirituality are a major part of who I am, and I truly believe that God brought me to SEP for a much larger purpose than my own wedding. Little did I dream that one day I would call myself a SEP girl, and I am beyond excited to start this journey!



Hi!!! My name is Britney Lowe, and I’m so excited to share a little about myself! My hunky husband and I moved to Smithfield a few years ago and are slowly settling in with our three dogs. We can be found most nights at home playing an intense game of Uno while the dogs run around and play tug of war over dog toys and the occasional sock. I joke that our house feels more like a circus, but I wouldn’t have it any other way!

I’m a firm believer in being honest and genuine, even if it makes you feel vulnerable. I love how photography can capture raw emotion when a couple lets down their guard and just falls into the moment. Those are the times when you get the images that are truly unique to those individuals, and you can tell what their love is about. I’m also a sucker for the little details and love a good ring picture. Add some pearls and lace, and I’m in heaven!!

I’m sappy and a hardcore romantic. (I recently cried at a Subaru commercial – no lie.) If I’m working your wedding, don’t be surprised if you see tears in my eyes for most of the day. It’s just about a guarantee. 

When I’m not crying at weddings on the weekends, I’m working as a social worker. In social work, I’m usually helping people on their worst days. Photography gives me a chance to be of service to others on their best day…how awesome is that!

Fun fact: I was an SEP bride! Having this team be part of my wedding was such a blessing. My goal is to make sure that every family I work with has as wonderful an experience as I did. I look at my wedding album several times a month. (Told you I was a giant sap!) These are the pictures that I will share with my children and grandchildren…and maybe a great-grandchild or two! While I certainly value the quality of those pictures, I value the relationships I have with these women even more. 

I’m already excited to meet you and am so grateful to be part of your celebration. So, bring on the tissues and all the good feelings!


Second Shooter & photo booth

Hi there! I am Sandy, I also respond to Sassy!

 I fell in love with photography when I took my first photography course in high school (circa 2001). From there I continued my education through T.C.C. at the Visual Arts Center in Portsmouth, VA where I finished with my Associates Degree in Computer Graphics.

 I have 2 children with my loving and very supportive husband! On the weekends if I am not with camera in hand I am hanging out with family and friends either supporting a local brewery or restaurant! Crafting and organizing are my 2 of my most favorite activities!

I love being around creative individuals which is what led me to the SEP team! I am most excited about being on the team so that I can learn and grow as a photographer and create long lasting friendships with all the ladies! PSA: SEP also offers a Photo Booth!

 If I am not helping my team out you will for sure find me striking poses in front of the Photo Booth….oh ya, I’ll be manning it too. Random facts about me and things I love: - My favorite color is yellow! - I LOVE LOVE LOVE salsa - My favorite show to binge watch on Netflix is The Office - I enjoy working at local coffee shops!



I grew up right in the heart of Sedley, Virginia. Every Friday night during baseball/softball season I enjoyed seeing the bright lights of the ball field and hearing the sound of a bat cracking a ball right from my front porch swing.

In 2009, I gave birth to my beautiful daughter Alexis, who is undeniably my twin, spunky attitude, love for music and all! In 2013, I gave birth to my handsome son Landon, who is ALL boy! Lover of cars, dinosaurs, and piles of sand in his shoes LOL. Family means everything to me, so much so that I may or may not know almost every single family members birthday! 

In 2011, I started working for State Farm Insurance. Insurance you ask? Really? I absolutely love helping people and what better way than saving them a few dollars, or maybe even more on their insurance?! And yes, I always hear that I look like Flo from Progressive! Haha!

I’m an avid coffee drinker and a closet coffee mug collector, obviously no longer a secret. 
 I also love trying out new restaurants and enjoy a good craft beer. Cooking is my stress reliever and fishing is a new love of mine. I also stick to my girlish roots and love a good smelling shampoo and conditioner. I also have a sensitive side. Yes, I sometimes cry watching commercials. 

I have always had an eye for photography although have never pursued it professionally. I love seeing those special moments being captured even if it’s as small as a lady bug resting on a window sill. I am so excited to have joined the SEP team and having the opportunity to work next to these amazing and talented women!

If you are mult-passionate, driven and are ready to be laser focused on growth and leveraging your leadership potential, then this is for you. If you are willing to share, encourage and challenge not only other people, but yourself... and you're a high-level thinker with the ability to overcome limiting beliefs... This is for you.


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A Mastermind helps you harness and leverage the focus behind your success. It helps you see beyond your own limitations and it expands your perspective on your visions and goals. Mastermind groups offer a combination of brainstorming, education, peer accountability and support in a group setting to sharpen your business and personal skills. Participants challenge each other to set powerful goals, and more importantly, to accomplish them. 

What is a mastermind?

These are online virtual calls where you can connect more with the other members. You'll be encouraged and challenged while working together to achieve ultimate success. These are video based calls. 

what are the Monthly virtual opportunities?

We do offer monthly payments. Please use the the QUESTIONS button below if you have any other questions! You can save by paying in full AND get 2 extra months free!


Ooooo friend, click on QUESTIONS below – We want you 100% confident in your decision to become a member of this program... let's chat about your hesitations!

What do you mean by group coaching?

Group Coaching is a facilitative approach on a more focused goal or piece of content. This will be led by an instructor and will be scheduled as needed for pop-up coaching calls.

What if i can't attend Each mastermind?

We strongly encourage that each member attend each mastermind call. Not only will you learn to show up better for your business and self, but you'll empower and encourage the other creatives in the group as well. Please sign up only if you are seriously committed to yourself and the group.

The Leverage + Lead program offers a three month mastermind with popup calls in between. You are strongly encouraged to attend each virtual mastermind call opportunities. You will get out of this program what you put into it. Show up and people will show up for you. 

How much of a commitment will this require?

Due to the nature of this Program, no refunds will be given if you decide to leave the Program. All members must agree to the terms and conditions upon registering. Sign up if you are driven to success... however that looks for you.

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